Battle Rages On!

Title: Battle Bear

The battle rages on! We must continue to fight. I haven’t been posting much. Not because I haven’t wanted to. But, I was trying to decide where I want the future of this blog and web identity to go. The truth is…I don’t know. The purpose is to improve my skills and share it with you. For now, that will be my focus. 

Google Plus is going away in 2019. I will be transitioning out of the use of G+. Which is too bad. I’ll be working on my website, and possibly looking at other features to help benefit those that come to my site. I would like to drive more traffic and social following. 

Thanks everyone and enjoy your Christmas season!


The last post we talked about Shutter Speed and capturing that motion. The next item we are going to look at is ISO. This is one that I try not to mess with much at all. The lower the number, typically ISO 100, is the goal. As you go higher, ISO 200, ISO 400, even to ISO 32,000+ on some cameras. The high ISO allows you to shoot in dark conditions, but it adds grain and really isn’t beneficial for your image at some point. 

Take a look at this Phlearn Tutorial to go into more detail.

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